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An online multimedia discipleship course from Real Truth Matters.

Disciples Academy is an online multimedia discipleship course from the Real Truth Matters ministry that includes 3 phases.

1) Induction – which gives us the basic principles of faith, beginning with who God is. Induction begins explaining the basics of the Christian faith. 2) Basic Training – which goes a little deeper teaching us how to study God’s Word, sharing your faith, evidences of a believer. If you are a new Christian this series will help you understand more about your faith in Christ, and how it plays out into the life of a believer. 3) Advanced Training – Systematic Theology broken down into several parts for those who are maturing in their faith in Christ. This series covers the Attributes of God, the Word of God, the Nature of Salvation. Each video is designed to help you to grow deeper in your relationship.

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Real Truth Matters promotes the pursuit of New Testament Christianity by promoting the pursuit of the Gospel Himself, Jesus Christ.


The line between lie and truth in modern churches is a thin one. Deception is rampant, and falsehoods are openly accepted by the mainstream American Christian culture.


A new digital resource from the Real Truth Matters ministry.  The magazine is designed specifically for iPads, but you can also view the pdf online for free.


The official website for Disciples Academy, the new discipleship resource from Real Truth Matters.

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  • http://elevationthroughrevelation.shutterfly.com/ SPENCER L. CAILING

    Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,
    I am blessed to your church we would love to connect with you and we want everyone of you to conduct a Discipleship Training through online. I want to challenge all of our youth, adults men and women to register or be one of this training.

    Can we arrange this?

    GOD bless,
    Pastor Spencer L. Cailing

    • http://www.treasuring-christ.org whittmadden

      Hello Spencer,

      Thank you for commenting on the online study for Disciples Academy. This material for Disciples Academy is a ministry of Real Truth Matter – http://www.realtruthmatters.com We are going through the video material each week, and going a little deeper into some discussion questions on our website here. You can also view all of their videos on the Disciples Academy website – http://www.disciplesacademy.com Let me know if you have any other questions!

- bid3 - www1