C&C Study Guide – Perseverance

This week’s C&C Study guide is on perseverance.

CC- Perseverance

“So that although the sinner is actually, and finally justified on the first act of faith, yet the perseverance of faith, even then, comes into consideration, as one thing on which the fitness of acceptance to life depends. God the act of justification, which is passed on a sinner’s first believing, has respect to perseverance, as being virtually contained in that first act of faith and ’tis looked upon and taken by him that justifies, as being as it were a property in that faith that then is: God has respect to the believer’s continuance in faith, and he is justified by that, as though it already were, because by divine establishment it shall follow; and it being by divine constitution connected with that first faith, as much as if it were a property in it, it is then considered as such, and so justification is not suspended; but were it not for this it would be needful that it should be suspended, till the sinner had actually persevered in faith.” – Jonathan Edwards

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