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real-truth-matters-march-april-magazineThe 2013 March/April edition of the Real Truth Matters Magazine is now available for download via iPad and it is also available as a .pdf for your desktop.

There isn’t much I can write to add to the video from the Burkey family included in this month’s magazine.  Jimbo and Jayna Burkey lost their 16 year-old daughter in a shooting accident, last year on a hunting trip, when her boyfriend was unloading the guns from the back of the truck.  Despite enduring the worst tragedy of their lives, they continue to watch God at work in some extraordinary ways.

Talking about her death, Jimbo says

“There has never been an ounce of blame because it was God’s plan and His purpose. God knew when He created her that she had 16 years and there was nothing we were going to change about that…”  He said “When you know that God loves you above everything else and God created you and sent His Son for you, why should we not trust Him?”

The video is a little over four minutes long.  We would encourage you to take a few minutes and watch their story.

You can read the rest of their story free in the Real Truth Matters Magazine.

Here are some of the other things that you’ll find:

The Function of the Law - What is the function of the law and it’s purpose?

A Second Birth – What if true Christianity is more than just making a decision?

CURE International – One of our favorite Ministries get a feature spotlight.  Read the interview with Joel Worrall and see how CURE is making a difference delivering life changing surgeries and by sharing the Gospel.

Also included: A Pastor’s spotlight, testimony of Bruce Roberts, the introduction of the Romania Missionary Fellowship (which you’ll be hearing more about soon), a missionary profile on John G. Paton, and much much more!


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