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Brothers, we need accountability.

I know it, and even though guys don’t want to talk about it, I know that they understand there is a great need for it.  We need accountability.  There is too much out there in the word trying to win over our affections, and if we are not careful, we will get hooked.

It is a daily battle for me.  I need accountability.  I need guidance, and I need to pursue Jesus above anything and everything else.  So that’s why this post is so important.  For many guys, it may be a first step needed.  Our gaze needs to be fixed on Jesus not on anything else.   The problem is that I lose my focus, time and time again.


Brothers, this is needed. My prayer is that is will be a shield for you from the fiery darts of the enemy.

A void.

N o! Say it in 5 seconds.

T urn and trust in Him.

H old the pure things to mind (Phil. 4:8)

E njoy the promises of God instead.

M ove onto Christ-exalting activities.

I started writing this down a couple of months ago, and it is something I recall to mind quite often.  I’ve talked to several guys over the past few weeks who are struggling, and I’ve been praying about something that I can do to help encourage other men to seek after Christ.  So I created a set of ANTHEM Cards that are business card sized for you to print out, cut out, and keep with you.  These cards are only tools that can help point you to Him.  That’s what we need.  We don’t need anymore empty promises of “try harder next time” we need Jesus.  That’s the goal and my prayer for you and what I hope ANTHEM will do in your heart.

Click on the business card image to download this in pdf format.  It is best printed on card stock paper.

As you pray and seek Him ask Him to reveal to you the things and the situations in which would cause you to need these six things.  Keep a copy near your computer, tape in on the inside of your laptop, carry it in your wallet.  Whatever it takes to help keep you focused on Christ.

Print them out and give them to your friends that you know need this.  The goal is accountability, as brothers helping brothers find their ultimate satisfaction in Jesus Christ and Him alone.

Armor Up, Stand firm, Pray.


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